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Digitalization is more than just new software. We show you how to identify and exploit digitization potential.

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Sustainable digitalization requires a holistic view of business processes and involves all parties to ensure meaningful change.

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Are you taking advantage of all the opportunities digitalization offers? Find out from our digitalization experts what your personal digitization potential is. Within the analysis, your company receives initial recommendations for action that can be implemented immediately. In addition, a roadmap is created with which the management team can efficiently implement the digital transformation.

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Innovation and entrepreneurship is needed to bring old business models into the modern era. Overnight, business processes were adapted by Corona and home office and new working time models became ubiquitous. We help you to analyze the old business model with the help of an analysis. In addition, we will identify innovation opportunities to discuss new revenue opportunities. Upon completion of the analysis, your company will receive measurable results in the form of a visual innovation map.

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We don't leave you alone on your digitalization journey. We support your company in the introduction of new programs or even the development of solutions. Through our experience and direct contact with development companies, we can accompany the entire digitalization process.

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Personal communication and exchange are the foundation of everything we do. Having founded multiple businesses ourselves, we understand your position.
Deadlines are our strength! We are 100% reliable. Long waiting times or silences are unknown phenomenons when working with us.
Our network consists of investors, banks and public funding programs.
Our services are subsidised by the state up to 90%!
Your 5-Step-Framework

A detailed explanation and understanding of how you plan on going about your business idea is essential for presenting your idea to banks and potential investors.


Bureaucracy and formalities... Both of these things can be frustrating, but they are part of the process of founding a business. Choosing the right legal structure for your business must be thought through properly to secure longterm benefits.


To enable a fast growth of your company, you can choose between different funding options. We show you which of them make sense in your specific case.


Innovation, leadership and the general strategy play a crucial part in the development of your business.


Your funding is secured and now you want to move your business to the next level. We support you in developing the right strategy for acquiring new customers.


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Is the initial consultation free of charge?

Yes, our initial consultations are always free of charge. You can contact us directly by phone or by email or simply arrange a first meeting on your preferred date via our calendar function. You can find all information on our contact page.

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What does a digitalization consultant do?

The role of a digital transformation consultant or advisory firm is to help a company become more efficient and profitable by implementing strategic changes using technology.

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What does digitalization mean?

By definition, digitization describes converting something (such as data or an image) into a digital form.

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What is an example of digitalization?

Digitalization is the conversion of analog data sources into digital files. Some simple examples include creating spreadsheets based on data from ink-on-paper records, scanning paper documents or photos and storing them in PDF format on a company's drive.

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What makes for good digitalization consultancy?

An essential skill for digital consultants is recognizing that it's not just the technical realities and ecosystem that need to be adapted. Rather, the entire workforce and your feedback must be integrated into digitalization to achieve the best possible outcome for the company.

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