Learn how to convince investors and banks through a sophisticated business plan to get the funding you need.

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Thank you very much for the great advice. The combination of funding, a bank loan and an investor has helped me a lot. All the best for the future.

Riccardo Ciaffoni

Finally some competent support in financing my company. After having unsuccessfully worked with numerous "advisors", the team around Georg & Kai was able to lead me to success. A clear recommendation!

Elaine Brecht

I would like to thank you for the great work your team did on my IBB start-up bonus application. The process went smoothly and easily, and I was very pleased with the speed and processing of the application. Thank you again!

Dominik Lombersky
5 stars
Personal communication and exchange are the foundation of everything we do. Having founded multiple businesses ourselves, we understand your position.
Deadlines are our strength! We are 100% reliable. Long waiting times or silences are unknown phenomenons when working with us.
Our network consists of investors, banks and public funding programs.
Our services are subsidised by the state up to 90%!

Fill out a questionnaire to help us better understand your business and we will check them free of charge to help us understand how we can help you. We are happy to sign an NDA.


Before getting started, we help you apply for possible subisdy programs to reduce consulting costs. Afterwards, we create the first draft of your business plan.


After only two weeks, you receive the first draft of your business plan. Your feedback is more than welcome and will get incorporated straight away.


One week later, you receive the finale version of your business plan. After another week, the final business plan is ready. But don't worry, we are happy to further accompany you until your business is successfully funded.


Do you like what you are reading? Book a free introductory call so we can discuss your goals and how we might be able to assist you in achieving them.


Should none of these packages fit your needs, feel free to contact us to discuss a custom offer. We are flexible!


You already have a business plan? Let us help you optimise it!

  • Business plan optimisation
  • Abstimmungsgespräche
  • Coordination conversations
  • Guide for approaching investors & banks

We create a fully-fledged business plan for you!

  • Full business plan creation
  • Coordination conversations
  • Guide for approaching investors & banks

We create a fully-fledged business and financial plan for you!

  • Full business plan creation
  • Full financial plan creation
  • Coordination conversations
  • Guide for approaching investors & banks
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Is the business plan check-up for free?

Yes, we are happy to review your current draft of your business plan without obligation to give you free feedback! We can sign an NDA beforehand.

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For which economic sectors have you already written business plans?

From the restaurant next door to fintech or hardware startups to big cooperations and banks - We have successfully written business plans across multiple sectors, countries and in different languages.
Our business plan for the startup heatle even won multiple awards at the BWP Business Plan Competition. We have also been able to help an American fintech startup to attain their official banking license.

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How long does it take to create a business plan?

The research for and creation of a business plan can take between a month and a year depending on the complexity of your business idea, the financial situation and the amount of information you already have.
Because of our structured process though, we are able to deliver the first draft of your business plan within one or two weeks. Afterwards we incorportate your feedback to finalise your business plan.

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What subsidy programs are available to reduce the costs of the business plan creation?

There are both regional and national subsidy programs to finance the creation of a business plan. The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) provides national funding for business plans with up to €3,200.
Feel free to contact us to get more information on the specific details and requirements for these programs.

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How much does it cost to have a business plan created?

An custom, professional business plan starts at 1,500€. Factors for the final price are the target group of the business plan, the business idea, the scope and the level of detail of the financial planning. In any case, the external creation of a business plan should be combined with free subsidy programs to reduce costs.

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How many pages does a business plan have?

The answer is: It depends. As a rule of thumb, the number of pages lies somewhere between 30 and 50, plus the appendix. The length of a business plan depends on the business idea, too. Conventional concepts such as a beauty salon require less explanation than a fintech or biotech start-up. Either way, it is important to describe the idea as clearly as possible.

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When do I need a business plan?

A business plan has the function to help with decision making and strategic planning. It is also usually mandatory for applying for bank or KfW loans or state subsidies such as the IBB start-up bonus. Sometimes investors, business angels and venture capitalists also demand a business plan.

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Why should I have a business plan written externally?

The three most important reasons to have a business plan written externally are (1) expertise, (2) time efficiency and (3) objectivity.
Often there is only one chance to win funding. Because of that it is important to really nail your business plan. If writing a business plan is not a routine though, it can take a lot of time. Time that could have been invested in the development of the business. Through an external creation, the business concept can can be analysed and presented from a neutral point of view. This ensures that banks and investors can better understand the business plan.