Innovative start-up consulting

Learn how to use your business plan to convince banks, investors and funding decision makers.

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Endlich ein zuverlässiger Partner. Ich habe schon zahlreiche Businesspläne für meine Unternehmen aus Zeitmangel schreiben lassen, allerdings war ich mit der Qualität nie komplett zufrieden. Bei nxt milestone wird wirklich Herzblut und echte Businesserfahrung in den Businessplan gesteckt. Das Ergebnis hat mich wirklich begeistert.

Maximilian Kleiser

Uneingeschränkt empfehlenswert. Angefangen bei der hervorragenden Beratung, bis zum kompetenten Diskutieren von Sachfragen. Sehr gefallen hat mir auch die allgemeine Betreuung, welche sehr schnell reagiert hat und für Fragen stets zur Verfügung stand.

Denis Brooke-Edwards

Vielen Dank für die nette und kompetente Betreuung im Rahmen der Erstellung meines Business- & Finanzplans. Ich kann nxt milestone nur wärmstens weiterempfehlen. Beste Grüße aus Frankfurt, Gökhan.

Gökhan Sirin
Why consulting?

Start-up consulting can help you create the right foundation and avoid basic pitfalls.

Avoids unnecessary mistakes
Network & additional manpower
More information
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Personal communication and exchange are the foundation of everything we do. Having founded multiple businesses ourselves, we understand your position.
Deadlines are our strength! We are 100% reliable. Long waiting times or silences are unknown phenomenons when working with us.
Our network consists of investors, banks and public funding programs.
Our services are subsidised by the state up to 90%!
How our cooperation works
Easy check-up

Send us your documents and we will review them free of charge. We will gladly sign an NDA.

In the process

Before the start of the collaboration, we apply for possible grants. Then we create the first draft of your business plan.


After only 2 weeks you will receive the first draft of your business plan. Your feedback is welcome and will be incorporated directly.

Hurray - done!

After another week, the final business plan is ready. Now we don't leave you alone, but accompany you until successful financing.


Do you like what you are reading? Book a free introductory call so we can discuss your goals and how we might be able to assist you in achieving them.

Startup consulting Berlin

The path to self-employment presents founders with innumerable challenges, which often leads to the decision to become self-employed being is discarded.

In our article on startup consulting in Berlin, we deal with the topic and explain the Berlin consulting support for founders.

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Is the initial consultation free of charge?

Yes, our initial consultations are always free of charge. You can contact us directly by phone or by email or simply arrange a first meeting on your preferred date via our calendar function. You can find all information on our contact page.

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Why startup consulting?

Startup consultancies support with specific and useful knowledge. Thus, many startup mistakes and errors can be prevented by external competence and knowledge. A startup consultancy can be seen as an external sparring partner.

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What does startup consulting help with?

Normally, startup consulting is billed in hourly rates. Average hourly rates for start-up consulting are between €75 and €150 per hour. This consulting can be subsidized with at least 50%, some programs even offer a subsidy of 100%.

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How much does a startup consultation cost?

Startup advice can be very diverse. The advice should be based on where you need the most support. This can be the development of internal processes, but also the business and financial planning for your start-up.

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