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Vielen Dank für die super Beratung. Das Zusammenspiel aus Förderung, Kredit und Investor hat mir sehr geholfen. Weiterhin alles gute und vg.

Riccardo Ciaffoni

Endlich kompetente Hilfe bei der Finanzierung meines Unternehmens. Nachdem ich erfolglos mit zahlreichen „Beratern" zusammengearbeitet habe konnte mich das Team Rund um Georg & Kai zum Erfolg führen. Klare Weiterempfehlung!

Elaine Brecht

Ich möchte mich bei euch für die großartige Arbeit bedanken, die euer Team bei meinem IBB Gründerbonus-Antrag geleistet hat. Der Prozess verlief reibungslos und einfach, und ich war sehr zufrieden mit der Geschwindigkeit und der Bearbeitung des Antrags. Nochmals vielen Dank!

Dominik Lombersky
5 principles of financial modeling for startups & SMEs

How does financial modeling actually work? In our article, we show you our 5 principles of financial modeling and give you the elementary basics.

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After only 2 weeks you will receive the first draft of your business plan. Your feedback is welcome and will be incorporated directly.

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After another week, the final business plan is ready. Now we don't leave you alone, but accompany you until successful financing.


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Basic package

You already have a business plan. We help you to optimize it!

  • Optimization business plan
  • Coordination meetings
  • Guide to approache investors & banks
Standard package

We will create a full-fledged business plan for you!

  • Complete business plan
  • Coordination meetings
  • Guide to approache investors & banks
Premium package

We will create a business and financial plan that will help you achieve your goals!

  • Complete business plan
  • Kompletter financial plan
  • Coordination meetings
  • Guide to approache investors & banks
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Is there a free business plan check?

We would be happy to review your previous business plan (draft) without obligation and give you free feedback! We will gladly agree on a confidentiality agreement in advance.

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What is a financial plan for a business?

The purpose of a financial plan is to clearly show how a company can afford to achieve its strategic goals and objectives. The financial plan describes each of the activities, resources, equipment and materials needed to achieve these goals and shows them plausibly in the time frame.

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How long does it take to create a financial plan?

The research and preparation of a financial plan can take between one month and one year, depending on the complexity of your business idea, your finances and whether all the required information is already available. In principle, banks and investors expect the financial plan to be prepared for the first three years.
Thanks to our structured process, we can provide you with the first draft after just 1-2 weeks. We then incorporate your feedback and finalise the financial plan.

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What grant is available for the preparation of a financial plan?

Regional and national funding is available for the preparation of a financial plan. The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control provides national funding of up to €3,200 for the preparation of a financial plan.
Feel free to call us for more information on the individual grants.

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How expensive is it to have a financial plan written?

An individual, professional financial plan starts at €1,000 and can quickly become much more expensive for large projects. The final price is determined by factors such as the target group of the financial plan, the business idea, the scope and the level of detail of the financial plan. In any case, the external preparation of a financial plan should be combined with free funding.

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Why should I have a financial plan written?

The 3 most important reasons to have a financial plan written are 1) expertise 2) time saving and 3) objectivity. 1. There is often only one chance to win financing. Here it is important to lay the right foundation with the expertise of experts. A financial plan must clearly present all the necessary information and show the connection to a profitable development.
2. If the preparation of a financial plan is not routine, it can take up a lot of time. This can be invested much more valuably in the development of the business.
3. The business concept is analysed and presented from an external and neutral point of view. This ensures that banks and investors can also understand the financial plan.

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What belongs in a financial plan?

A financial plan is at least divided into the following items:
• Profit and loss account
• Liquidity plan
• Overhead budget
• Sales plan
• Financing plan

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Why is a financial plan prepared?

A financial plan forms the financial roadmap for the company and presents the profitable development. A three-year financial plan is usually mandatory for applying for bank or KfW loans, for attracting investors such as business angels and VCs, and for state funding such as the IBB Gründungsbonus.

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