Growth through an external

With an external CEO & CFO, finally focus fully on the growth of your company again!

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nxt milestone provided the interim CEO for our company Nexto, did a great job, is well organised and highly professional.

Tadej Štrok
Benefits of external ceos & cfos
As your business grows, specialised industry knowledge is required. External CEOs & CFOs are able to bring this expertise to the table.
External CEOs & CFOs bring an important network to your company.
Strategy Input
Many companies use CEOs & CFOs as mentors for the development of internal employees. This way, expertise can be created internally.
Important with an external ceo

In addition to demonstrable experience in their respected areas, strong communication skills are crucial to successfully integrate an external CEO or CFO into an existing company.

Expertise & experience
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Personal communication and exchange are the foundation of everything we do. Having founded multiple businesses ourselves, we understand your position.
Deadlines are our strength! We are 100% reliable. Long waiting times or silences are unknown phenomenons when working with us.
Our network consists of investors, banks and public funding programs.
Our services are subsidised by the state up to 90%!
Our process

Book a first consultation free of charge. Answer a few short questions so we can get you started.


One of our experts personally conducts an analysis of your situation to decide whether or not and we can best help you.


Together we create a concept for for effectively integrating an external CEO & CFO into your exisiting company structure.


Time to get started! Your external CEO & CFO starts helping you save valuable time and provides your business with strategic input.


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Any unsanswered questions?
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Is the intitial consultation free of charge?

Yes, our initial consultations are always free of charge. You can either contact us directly by phone or email or simply arrange an initial consultation on the date of your choice via our calendar function. You can find all the relevant information on our contact page.

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What is an external CEO or CFO?

An external CEO & CFO is an executive with a business strategy or finance background who works outside your company and provides first-class advice in the areas of finance, economics, accounting and operations for your business. These CEOs & CFOs can be employed either full time, part time or on an interim basis for the duration of a specific proiect.

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How long does it take to get an external CEO & CFO started?

As a rule of thumb, an external CEO & CFO can usually start within one month of preparation. First, a concept is created and the expectations are set. Then the position is filled with the suitable executive.

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How much does it cost to hire an external CEO & CFO?

Unfortunately, the only answer here is: it depends. An outsourced CEO & CFO can be employed full-time, part-time or on an interim basis for the duration of a specific project. Depending on the requested length of the partnership and the level of responsibility, a fixed fee is usually charged.

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