Win new customers with b2b cold acquisition

In the digital age, too, cold calling is one of the most reliable means of acquiring new customers.

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After a long search, we have found a reliable partner with nxt milestone who supports us in acquiring new customers for our consulting services in the field of mobile phone optimisation and mobile device lifecycle management. The quality of the service is very high and stands out positively from many others on the market. We are happy to recommend the nxt milestone team.

Denise Link
CEO @ Comcontrol
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We reliably schedule appointments with qualified new clients for you based on the discussed criteria.
Cost Effective
Since our experts carry out cold calls fast and effectively, you save money on training and reduce risks.
Time efficient
Our experts can get started immediately and thanks to our unique acquisition strategy are able to market even products that require detailed explanation.

Too often we have heard the objection of customers that their product requires too much explanation for cold calling. Repeatedly though, our unique concept has proven to allow our employees to quickly create interest even in products that need explaining. This continues to enable us to convince the real decision-makers in Germany to agree to an initial appointment.

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Personal communication and exchange are the foundation of everything we do. Having founded multiple businesses ourselves, we understand your position.
Deadlines are our strength! We are 100% reliable. Long waiting times or silences are unknown phenomenons when working with us.
Our network consists of investors, banks and public funding programs.
Our services are subsidised by the state up to 90%!
Initial call

Via our contact page you can book an intial call so we can discuss your situation and needs.

test phase

During a three-month test phase you will get a chance to confirm the quality of our service.

result evaluation

Through regular reportings, we discuss results and any open questions.


After having had the chance to get to know us during the test phase, we will help you grow your business to the next level.


Do you like what you are reading? Book a free introductory call so we can discuss your goals and how we might be able to assist you in achieving them.

Any unanswered questions?
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Ist das Erstgespräch kostenlos?

Yes, our initial consultations are always free of charge. You can either contact us directly by phone or email or simply arrange an initial consultation on the date of your choice via our calendar function. You can find all the relevant information on our contact page.

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What exactly is cold calling?

Cold calling is the process of reaching out to a potential customer or client who is not yet interested in talking to a customer service representative or making a purchase.

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Is cold calling legal?

The law states: Could a potential business customer "presumably" be interested in your offer, you may contact them via telephone without prior consent. Presumed interest in B2B is usually given if there is a factual connection between the product/service and the company contacted.

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What is special about nxt milestone's aquisition strategy?

Our acquisition process is drastically different from a typical call centre. Firstly, our employees are perfectly trained and know how to talk to decision-makers in high positions. And secondly, we are extremely efficient in reaching potential new customers. In combination with our unique approach that generates decision-makers right from the start, we can reliably generate an ongoing sales pipeline.

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How do the reportings work?

Every two weeks, we provide you with a detailed reporting on our results. This report contains both the specific data on calls and contacts reached as well as direct feedback from the customers and hotlist of those who are interested in an appointment.

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