Which SMB's can be supported?

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) whose products and/or services have a concrete unique selling point can apply for the program. A mandatory requirement is that the project is carried out in the state of Berlin and contributes to increasing company-related or regional-added value. The company location, a branch office or a permanent establishment must be in Berlin and the applicant company must primarily pursue a business model that aims to generate market income in competition with other providers. In addition, the company must be registered in the transparency database of the state of Berlin.

Which projects are supported?

IBB Berlin particularly welcomes and supports projects that focus on developing innovative business models, new types of services or products, new processes and organizational methods as well as innovative marketing concepts. The funds provided by the IBB Berlin serve to support pioneering initiatives that make a sustainable contribution to the development of industries and markets. The targeted use of funding for such projects makes it possible to drive positive change, strengthen competitiveness and increase the innovative power of the companies supported. IBB Berlin is convinced that this financial support benefits not only the companies themselves, but also society as a whole by opening up new perspectives and promoting progress. The project must focus on social sustainability and should fulfill at least one of the UN goals.

This means that non-technical projects can also be funded

Although the program has "non-technical innovations" in its name, technical innovations can also be funded. The prerequisite for this is that it is not a completely new development of software or a tool, but a combination of existing results for a new purpose. It is important that it fits in with the state's joint innovation strategy in a suitable form and increases the innovative strength of Berlin's economy.

Three project phases for ProNTI

As a business enterprise, you can apply for up to two of the three possible phases. The planned project results must be in line with the objectives of the phases, innovative and based on a plausible foundation. At the same time, the applicant company must have secured funding that will contribute to the successful completion of the project.

This expenditure is subsidized for innovations

Project expenditure planning must be carefully considered in order to receive funding for research and development. Medium-sized companies that are older than 5 years receive significantly less funding. For example, SMBs who are less than 5 years old receive a maximum of 75% of the costs and those older than 5 years receive 50%. Personnel costs are subsidized with lump sums, which are based on the seniority of the persons and range between €25 and €55 per hour.

The application and documents

Applications for ProNTI are submitted directly via the electronic application system of IBB Business Team GmbH. Documents to be submitted:

• Milestone planning

• Project description

With the help of these suitable documents, the appropriateness of the work packages must be comprehensibly demonstrated. Important information includes, for example, research and developments taking place and how these will be brought to market maturity. Ideally, this should be packaged in a gripping story and combined with the requirements and mandatory information in the project description.

The application process and required information

The current time for processing the application is two months until approval. The requirement for this is that all suitable documents and data are available in a comprehensible form and contribute positively to non-technical innovation. Documents are often requested subsequently at the request of IBB. A prompt response helps to shorten the time to confirmation.